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2 Nov 2014

EMIMUN 2015 moves to a new website


Dear delegates of EMIMUN, 

Please note that the 2015 version of our website moved to emimun.com !

There you can find all the information about the forthcoming conference, learn about the committees and apply for one of them right now. The registration is already open!


Looking forward to seeing you in sunny Dubai this February!

5 Feb 2014

Thank you!


Thank you so much, everybody! A selection of all pictures taken will be uploaded soon: stay tuned!


1 Feb 2014

Change of schedule


Dear delegates,

We have a sudden change of schedule for tomorrow, 2nd of February. Safari will take place at 15:30. All the details will be given to you in the beginning of sessions, when you will also be asked to pay for it.

The sessions will last till 14:00, not till 13:00 as it was planned before. After that you will have time to have a lunch, change clothes and come to the meeting point.

The Opening Ceremony will take place at the Conference Centre, Block 1, Knowledge Village and will start at 10:00.

See you tomorrow!

31 Jan 2014



Dear delegates,

We remind you that the registration starts at 11:00 and will last till 14:00.

Venue of the conference: ENGECON University, Dubai Knowledge Village, Block 18, 2nd floor. If you for some reason have not paid the registration fee yet you will be asked to do it tomorrow at the registration desk.

Planned social program for tomorrow: Bus Tour and Welcome dinner.

1)   Bus Tour will cost 55 AED for a delegate.


If you want to go for a Bus Tour you need to register BEFORE 13:00, because we need to submit the exact number of delegates to our tour operator at this time.

Bus Tour will take place after the trainings, at 15:00.

2)   Welcome dinner

The exact addresses will be given to you during the registration. Delegates will pay on the spot depending on what they choose from the menu.

Meeting time: 18:30 at the restaurants.

See you tomorrow!



31 Jan 2014

Welcome to EMIMUN 2014!


On the threshold of EMIMUN 2014 we are glad to be able to present to you the address video of our Secretariat members – Chairs and Secretary-General. Enjoy!

Some materials were taken from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9TtbrRBwEc




28 Jan 2014

Provisional Schedule


Dear delegates,

The conference is only 3 days ahead and we hope you are all already prepared for it!

We remind you that the venue of he conference is the building of ENGECON University in the Knowledge Village.

The exact address: Saint-Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics, Dubai Branch 2nd Floor, Block 18, Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai UAE.

We are also ready to provide you with the provisional schedule of the conference. It is still subject to change. The details of the social program will be announced later.

Provisional Schedule

20 Jan 2014

Registration closed!


Dear delegates,

The registration for EMIMUN 2014 is officially closed! Thanks to all the applicants. We are looking forward to seeing you in Dubai!

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11 Jan 2014

New committee!


Dear delegates,

We are glad to announce that Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is full. And due to an unprecedented interest you show in EMIMUN we have decided to launch a new committee with English as an official language!

The United Nations Development Programme Executive Board is waiting for its delegates! The agenda for the UNDP Executive Board - UNDP strategic plan, 2014-2017. More details will be added to the website soon.

If you were thinking about applying for EMIMUN but for some reason have not done it yet – here is your chance! And for Arabic-speaking delegates there are still some vacant places in the Arab League.

The registration closes on the 18th of January. So hurry up! In order to apply go to Registration form.


27 Dec 2013

Human Rights Council closed!


Dear prospective delegates,

We are proud to announce that Human Rights Council is closed!

Thank you all for your initiative and eagerness to take part in EMIMUN. We are still waiting your applications for the two committees left: Arab League and Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC).

We are running out of vacant positions! Register now!

22 Nov 2013

Security Council closed!


Dear prospective delegates,

We are happy to announce that the registration for Security Council is closed!

However, three other committees - Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)Human Rights Council and Arab League - still have vacant positions.

Hurry up! In order to apply go to Registration form.


  • Conference facts

    • The first large-scale MUN in the Gulf region
    • Dates: 1-4 February, 2014
    • Venue: Dubai, Knowledge village
    • Number of participants: approximately 150
    • Registration: opens on 24 October